Saturday, June 27, 2015

Take a shot at men patterns - 1st easy T-shirts

ottobre 3/2015
I am promising my husband some day I will sew for him as well. The day I will be better at it and of course for years that day never come.  After doing some wardrobes for me and the kids it would have seemed like it was his turn now. I also done some PJ for my father last summer and even if is a self drafted pattern and is so wrong in so many ways he wears that a lot so I promised I will sew something decent for him as well. Then I seen Sue Parrott's blog post making tees for all the man in her life and I loved the idea. When I just received the Ottobre design magazine for kids last week number 3/2015 and it had 2 men patterns as well all the pieces of this puzzle seemed to click together. I decided to try this 2 Ottobre patterns for my husband and my father.

   It is an interesting design with normal sleeve in the front and raglan in the back and I think it has potential for creating some interesting color blocks and unique tees.

ottobre 3/2015

Even if I have gathered so many fabrics I don't have many that can go for men. I found this large uneven stripes one  and decided to use it for my testing. I would say that the 1st version of this tees is not that bad and I can't wait to find some good fabrics to make them some better ones as well. I had to improvise a little bit with the cutting on my father tee since there was not enough fabric to cut both tee on the grain line.
ottobre 3/2015

 They both wore it yesterday without me asking them to do it and my husband even took it to work so he must have like it. 



  1. Foarte, foarte frumoase tricourile pentru baieti, felicitari pentru munca depusa. Revista este peste tot deja, numai in Romania nu, si nici in Italia, de unde as putea s-o procur. Am vazut in blogosfera ca numai dupa acesta revista se croiesc hainute pentru copii.

    1. Pai asa am ajuns sa o comad si eu. Am tot vazut lucrat din revista asta iar lumea numai lucruri bune de spus despre ea. Eu am comandat-o pe etsy si a ajuns foarte repede! Nu imi pare rau deloc!

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