Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lots of jersey pants - very easy Ottobre 03-2010-10

After doing the wardrobe contest for both me and Eva I was preparing for doing a wardrobe for my son. This patch of very easy jersey pants were just the warm up after delivery. My son needed lots of easy pants for summer and to spare since now the pampers is out but every once in a while there are some small accidents. i 1st wanted to buy them them but I couldn't find what I wanted in stores at least not at a decent price to not wink at a bulk purchase... so once again I start going through my Ottobre Magazines. By now they are my favorite when it comes to kids. I found this design ( it is a girl design but ... ) #10 "lime jersey pants" - 3/2010 . It was just an easy pattern and construction that I jumped at the opportunity and made 10 pairs.

I also liked that I could use a lot of my knits and see how they wear before decide what project to use the fabric for.
Some of this are made twice and there are some simple gray ones that he was wearing at the moment so didn't got a photo.
 They may not be much but they are very fast to sew and very comfortable to wear so I am very pleased with this project.


  1. Ce spor ai draga mea, si ce copii cuminti ai daca te lasa sa cosi!

    1. Fetita e inca suficient de mica sa doarma mai mereu iar baietelul e la cresa in timpul zilei asa ca daca tot nu ma duc la servici o vreme am zis sa profit de timpul asta cu croitoria.