Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Playing with plaid and some easy coordinated outfits

When I order patters locally I always get a free sample as well. Usually the sample pattern is really uninteresting but with my Koos jacket order I received  OOP Simplicity 1539.
 I thought the tops were cute so while I was cleaning away after round 4 and waiting for results I decided to open the pattern and make it instead of stashing it away. I was missing easy and fast projects. And since the plaid contest was just starting using a plaid knit seemed perfect for it. I always loved plaid peplums.
I shortened the bodice quite a few centimeters and added the length back to the peplum. I have no waist so I look better then an illusion of a waist is upper then the normal line and there is plenty of ease after. Also I added a bit of extra length to the back for a high low effect.
I think I did OK matching lines on the sides.  But the front peplum is cut on a different direction then the rest of the pieces and it disturbs me a little.
And since this were fabrics bought with kids in mind I did something for them as well. For Eva I used the bodice of the  jumpsuit without the scooped back and added a big circle there so I will not need any side seam on her peplum. I used the big sleeve circle from McCall's 7542 and some kitchen plate for the inner circle ( tested a few to see witch one will fit better in the top opening).
 For Andrei I did a simple raglan top with sleeves on bias :

I really liked AQ plaid version of McCalls 7538 so I tried to do one from left overs but I cut the last piece on the wrong direction and didn't had enough fabric to cut new one so I finished like that. I don't think I will be able to wear it though. The mistake is to obvious to me:
Nothing impressive but I removed 2 fabrics from the stash - just in time to buy 3 new ones.... debt up to 177.


  1. Cute tops. I can see some great family photos in these! I actually prefer the McCalls top on you to the Simplicity one. The mistake is not obvious to anyone who didn't sew it! I had to go looking to see what you were referring to.

    I got busy for a while there and haven't been back to PR for a I see that you won!!! Congratulations. It must be so rewarding to have your sewing efforts celebrated.

    I would like to enter the plaid sewing competition, but I have hardly been near my machine in the last few weeks, and when I was there, I sewed a baby quilt for my sister. I have only got as far as pulling out my plaid fabric. I have a Marfy pattern I bought years ago, but it will need a muslin. And my plaid is a very unbalanced plaid. Hopefully tomorrow I can get started.

    1. Thanks Katherine!
      You should totally do the plaid contest! I think is one of the best this year! I am a bit burnt out and don't really feel like doing anything big or rushing anything! But this is a worthy challenge! I will keep an eye on your plaid!

  2. Wow! You impress every time! Love your playing with plaid! :)

    1. Plaid is always fun to play with! Thanks Ellen!