Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Lots of cats and 2 more jumpsuits for Eva - Ottobre 3/2015 #14

Eva started to have strong opinions about fabric prints and she likes cats so earlier this year I purchased 2 small pieces of fabric with cats on them thinking more that I will make some pillowcases for her or maybe a sundress but lately I've been working on many  jumpsuits for her from Ottobre  3/2015 #14 :
 And I started to think that this fabric would make for a cute jumpsuit as well and had to try it while pattern was still fresh on my mind.

  I did not had enough fabric to make the longer pants version but I could cut a 3/4 legs and used different batiste fabric to line the body.

On the black one I skipped the back tie - I was planning on adding one later but after wearing it I realized the shoulders doesn't drift so I will probably leave it like that. On the cream one I used contrast yellow stripes - it seemed a good idea at the time but I didn't like the coordination in the end...
The black one is my favorite. It is slightly larger then the creamy one where I overlapped the back panel a bit more.
 I bought 2 new fabric yesterday and I have sewn 2 new items in the weekend so my debt is still growing - 87 now. I think I should look back and change the rule to be 1 item for 1 fabric this way maybe I have a change to not be horrified by how much fabric I buy ...


  1. Are you in the middle of a fabric fast? It is so hard sometimes to not be swayed by new fabrics when you can't keep up with your stash! The cats are just the thing for a little girl, and your contrast linings are beautiful!

    1. At the beginning of the year I set up a resolution to only buy a new fabric after sewing 2 items ... and I am failing badly... I just cannot resist buying more and more... Eva loves her cats though! At least this pieces were small and put to good use!