Thursday, March 23, 2017

Matching kittens - starting the supper collections for kids

brother and sister matching outfits
As I have mentioned there is plenty of matching for kids yet to come. I love it. they love it. The only thing I hate is picking fabrics to work for both of them. Eva is crazy for cats lately it seams and white is so nice on both of them even if it so vulnerable to stains they get all the time.
   I did Andrei's tee 1st and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern. Tees could be so boring but this one has normal sleeves in the front and raglan in the back. I love the twist. I did a similar one for my husband last summer from the same issue of Ottobre. This is the small version for boys :
   Eva's outfit is quite simple - same Pocahontas top with a deeper front insert and neckband this time and 2 matching 3/4 leggings:
  I hope they will have fun in it this summer:
4 more items so debt down to 40. That's a lot even in children easy items. And I already have my eyes on other online fabrics. It seemed so easy when I started to think of this system last year and now it doesn't look like I am going to keep my stash down.

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