Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Sping coat - Lekala 4482 muslin

After being done with my wool coat I made some effort last week to finish up the muslin as well and have it as a spring coat.  This is done without any alteration at all to the original Lekala 4482 pattern and I have done it mostly to figure out construction and the tricky parts before cutting into the good fabric:

The muslin is done in fabric from the home decor department. I really liked the color and texture and I thought it will make a good test coat. I think this version looks a bit more  like the one presented on Lekala site but there is still not much flare there. It also looks a lot larger without the thick wool fabric.
   It looks like I missed closing the last button but I will probably not going to get new pictures soon so I will have to go with it.
   When I first sewed this coat I totally forgot to attach the upper collar to the front lapel and it looked really weird. I fixed that by hand sewing it closed after the shell was finished using the same suggestion that helped me reduce the notch on my wool coat:
   I used the same lining fabric that I bought for the wool coat and now I am happy to be done with it and no scraps left. I need to start stashing lining fabrics as well so I will have better choices next time.

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