Saturday, May 28, 2016

Eva's pink Teddy bear - Lekala 3050

pink teddy bear
Since I sewed a lot of Lekala patterns lately I keep seeing this cute free teddy bear on their site... It seemed cute- Lekala 3050:
And now that a new toy contest is up on LucruDeMana one more reason to try it. I may still have passed it because time was such a rare recurse this last 2 weeks ... but I just seen a pink floral rhino and that totaly got me in the mood to sew toy and bought pink fleece fabric for it ... My husband thinks Eva's favorite stuffed toys are bear so ... sew ... sew ... sew...
I've been sewing like half an hour every day in the morning before work. It was the only way to make it possible....

 It had a lot of pieces and didn't go that fast as I hoped it would. I lost a lot of time thinking over every detail. I settled for embroidered eyes over buttons - etsy design ( shop link ) , and I painted a bit over the embroidery after for a more sharp look. I use small faux fur patch for nose.
I have spent some time then trying to dress it up in Eva's clothes and decide how to give it a more polished look:
lekala teddy bear
 In the end I decided to sew it a dress using his body patterns as guide since his front is a lot smaller then his back ....
And I added a tongue and an open mouth. It is definitly more cute now:
Lekala 3050
 lekala teddy bear


  1. Extraordinar! Bravo mamico!

    1. Mersi! A iesit mai bine decat m-am asteptat pana la urma!