Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Loving the hoodie - new Ottobre set for Eva - 1/2016 #5 & 3/2013 #5

I've been at home with the children sick a lot lately so I managed to trace a new set of patterns for Eva to cheer me up. So slowly I start sewing them.So here is a new try at the leggings pattern from the latest kids issue - this time with added length since the fabric is better suited for spring/fall then summer and a hoodie that I'm eyeing for a while now - from 3/2013 #5.

 The pants are OK. I even think they are starting to grow on me but we just love the hoodie. It turned out a lot longer then I expected. I am not sure why. I will have to check again if I traced the pattern correctly and how much length I added myself... It is a bit to big like this but it seems to be large enough to be good in the fall as well so we will keep this one like this and will fix the length in the next one. I will definitely have to be a next one since we already using it a lot like this. We love it. It goes with almost everything. It comfortable and warm.
 I am also really proud of the finishing on the hoodie - is my first use of the new Janome Coverlock Pro 2000 CPX. It was love at first use.

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