Sunday, November 29, 2015

Little coat for my little girl

I have been really busy with work and kids lately and I had to put sewing aside for a while. It was weird for me to stop sewing after such a full of garments spring and summer. I keep imagining new projects but I never seem to have the energy or the time to even start them. So this week I finally got things moving. I printed this little coat pattern from a russian site:here
 I started assembling the printed pages on Tuesday and I liked so much how the cost was coming together that I couldn't stop working on it whenever I could find a free minute. I changed on the last moment the collar and decided to do the interior an the parts that get in contact with the baby skin in soft fleece. This coat is the size 80 option and I also modified the lining to better mach the back.
I 1st intended to live the simple butterfly applique but then when I did it again separately for the boots I found it interesting to change the coat as well and sewed one butterfly on top of the original one for a 3D effect:
I then did a pair of boots that were to small and had to redo and 2 pieces for the head since the 1st one seemed to busy and didn't like it that much:

I am very happy with the end result and my little girls sure turned some heads in the park.
 And she was a bit tired after all the photos and attention:


  1. Foarte, foarte ingenios lucrat, imi place mult ce ti-a iesit, ai avut mult de lucru, iar fluturasii sunt bestiali. Ai o papusa foarte frumoasa, bucurati-va de ea.

    1. Multumim mult. Sa stii ca haina se face tare usor. Chiar am fost surprinsa. Am pierdut mult mai mult timp bibilind accesoriile.

  2. Felicitari! Creatiile tale - copii si hainute - sunt superbe.