Saturday, August 1, 2015

Clasic white top - Butterick 6183

I realized that tops that are lose to the waist and fitted in the upper part may flatter me so I scrolled the patterns available for something like that. I am also  fed with tunics so I wanted something shorter. I stopped at this beautiful Butterick 6183. I ordered t and sewed the next day. That's new. I usually stash them fot quite a while.
    I started to cut the pieces from a beautiful 3D effect jacquard that was a small discounted piece and I knew I don't have enough in that but I was sure I have more bought earlier this year. When I had only sleeves and back sides to cut I went looking for that other piece of fabric. And surprise. It seam that this exact model I only had in a different color that I did use for this jacket for my mom and the white piece I had left was different so I had to get creative. I settle using that white polka dots tulle and I am happy with my decision. Now thinking it would have been interesting if I have done some patchwork with the craps I had left and tulle rather then using just that but I stand by my decision.

    The tulle had some beautiful border so I used that instead of having to do another finishing on it.
      When I tried it on before attaching the sleeves I noticed that fullest part of the bust was to high for me and annoying. So I cut the seam that was already serged and inserted the tulle. I lost a little from the old pieces in the new seam allowances and won more from the inserted piece. This way I moved down the bust line. I was lucky that the sleeves were a bit stretchy and that I used less seam allowances for sewing them so I did not had to change them as well to fit the new hole.
    Also I skipped the bias binding and the back zipper. Instead I used facings with the tulle for both front and back. 
 All in all I am quite happy with my new white top that should be very easy to coordinate in the summer. I hope that a non stretch woven would still be comfortable to wear because I can see this pattern fitting some really interesting designs.
Butterick 6183
Butterick 6183Butterick 6183Butterick 6183
Eva doesn't like it if we stop for pictures so most of the time I have to pick her up and then she is all good with the photos :).


  1. Lovely blouse! Great use of both fabrics. I need to get going on making this top!

    1. Thank you! can't wait to see your version. I think this pattern has a lot of potential and really nice design lines.