Thursday, May 15, 2014

"Make it yours" - enchanted clutch bag

Since I decided to enter the "Make It Yours" Sewing Contest I can't seem to stop make this bags. This is my 3rd try at it ( or 4th .. I had started another one before this but is not finished yet - still working on ideas on how to finish it ) .Here are the links to the pattern and contest rules ( pattern is free, entering the contest is optional ):
I wanted to do something different when I started. I was thinking of a tree patchwork applique. But when the "tree" was finished I didn't like how it looked on the background fabric that is so beautiful on its own. And I had already cut the enchanted fabric...  I didn't sew for two days since none of the 2 work in progress bags felt right. In the end I decided to keep it simple and add just a few beads and pom poms to it. It was ready really fast and I love it. Is so bright and colorful.
Michael Miller fabric
And the day light dress up photos:

pom poms clutch


  1. Oh Wow, another awesome bag. I love the fabric on this one - so summery! Thanks for sharing and entering, I got your entry safely. Deby @ So Sew Easy

    1. Thanks Deby. I am glad you like it. And yeah... the summer feeling got me too.

  2. Sooo cute, I love the fabric, the beads, the pom poms.... both straps look great but the pom poms are my favourite.