Monday, October 17, 2016

Pink coat with navy piping for Eva - Ottobre 4/2013#18:

I wanted to do a fall coat for Eva and I wanted to try out my new acquired skills from Carolyn Pajamas with piping a notched collar.  I picked up the already used pattern from Ottobre - the jersey jacket  4/2013 model #18:
   I rounded the collar's edges to go easier with the piping and lengthen the side and the back trying to create a high low coat. I also added a big pleat in the back and some other details. I replaced the front pockets with fake flaps. Now after looking at the pictures I think I need to add the 3rd button in the front.
The fabric is a really beautiful pink softshell melange. I absolutly loved this fabric description : "Softshell is a new generation fabric that is mostly used for extreme weather activities, but is more and more often used for wintertime fashionable line clothing. The melange effect is obtained by using threads of different shades while making the fabric Its parameters are as follows:Waterproofness - 10000 mm/H2O;Moisture permeability - 3000 g/m2/24hBreathable;Multylayered". It is indeed a marvelous fabric and really good quality as far as I can tell but I think is not a perfect match with my pattern. This design would have looked a lot better in wool I think. And maybe keep this fabric for a more sporty look. We will see next time. I still have some left and blue one as well for my son.
   I also made some navy stretch velvety pants and a scarf to complete Eva's look.
   She seemed to enjoy her new outfit yesterday in the park, even if she got fresh after rain dirt on it right away....